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Frequently Asked Questions and Mistakes
Regarding Huntsville DUI Charges
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I am charged with DUI. Shouldn’t I hire a local lawyer that handles all different kinds of cases to see if he can “cut a deal” with the prosecutor and Judge?
It doesn’t happen anymore. You need a Huntsville DUI lawyer that will give the best possible result. Long gone are the days when back room “deals” are cut on a political crime such as DUI. Judges and prosecutors desire for everything to be out in the open for fear of political retribution.

It’s just a DUI, right? Can’t I just go to Huntsville Courthouse by myself and see what I can do at Court? A DUI conviction is a serious matter that can result in up to 1 year in jail, and $2,100 fine plus court costs, and a loss of your driving privileges for at least 90 days. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that you can handle this serious charge without representation.

I have a month or 2 before my first Court date. I will just wait around and hire a Huntsville DUI lawyer the week before Court. Will that work?
Absolutely not! There are many steps to be taken prior to your first court appearance and subsequent trial settings. The more time to prepare for these appearances the better. Don’t wait, hire an experienced Huntsville DUI Attorney immediately so that they can begin the work to keep a DUI conviction off your record.

What’s the big deal about an attorney who focuses on the practice of DUI Defense. Aren’t all attorneys the same? Attorneys are not all the same. Just as you wouldn’t hire a doctor that specializes in orthopedics to perform heart surgery, you don’t want to hire an attorney to represent you for your charge of DUI if they do not focus in that area and have the training and expertise to give you the best result. DUI Defense attorneys handle DUI, Public Intoxication, and other charges pending in City of Huntsville Municipal Court and the surrounding areas in Madison County District Court. We have handled hundreds of Alabama DUI, speeding tickets, and other charges. Call us TODAY at (866) 347-2889 and let our experience go to work for you. We help Huntsville DUI Laws clients in Madison County, including the cities and communities of Madison, Huntsville, Harvest, Hazel Green, New Hope, Redstone Arsenal, Gurley, Owens Cross Roads, and Triana.
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